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Frequently Discussed Topics
Adjusting from school to Home Learning
What is Unschooling?
What to expect if they go back to school
Christian vs. Secular Unschooling
Philosophies of Education
Coping with "Dry Periods"
Dealing with Doubt
Motivating Learning
Teaching Children to Read
Getting Kids to Clean Up
Unschooling by Default?
Unschooling Math
Unschooling Resources
Teaching What You Don't Know
What is a "true" unschooler?
Free to Be...You and Me


Note:  The articles on FDT were compiled and edited from threads, posted at various times by various members.  It's here because CCU-List isn't archived, and we'd hate to see all this brilliant eloquence disappear into oblivion. 
I hope you find this section is helpful, especially of you're a newcomer to CCU-List. 

~ Colleen in Guam ~

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