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What reading would you recommend for someone considering homeschooling?

I would recommend The Art of Education by Linda Dobson.  It's one of the books that inspired me.  It shows how life is the best education any child could have.

Lisa Goldmeer
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I enjoyed The Relaxed Homeschooler by Mary Hood.  Also, I was able to get a fair amount of good information from The Homeschool Manuel by Theodore and Wade Jr.  Hope this helps!

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The Succesful Homeschool Family Handbook by Raymond and Dorothy Moore.  (But I think they might be renaming it now).  That's the book that convinced me to homeschool.

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I'd recommend "The Elijah Company Catalog" (free and full of great articles!), Mary Pride's The Way Home, and Ruth Beechick's "3R's" booklets.

Krista Rittenour
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I'd recommend David Guterson's book, Family Matters:  Why Homeschooling Makes Sense  to someone considering homeschooling.  It's an intellegent discussion of why schools are failing and how families have been left out of the educational loop.  I also enjoyed the Colfax's Homeschooling For Excellence and Hard Times in Paradise.

Becca O
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One of my first favorites was For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macauly.  What is particularly nice about this, especially for those on the fence with homeschooling, is that it is not strictly a homeschooling book. 

Another early favorite was The Hurried Child by David Elkind. And, of course, the Moore books.

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I'd add I Learn Better By Teaching Myself and Still Teaching Ourselves.  The author is Agnes Leistico.

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I think my favorite for a newbie is Debra Bell's Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling.  But Diane Waring is great too.

Also, "The Elijah Company Catalog".  Not a replacement for books, of course, but still they have a nice concise description of different styles of homeschooling, plus scads of wonderful resources.

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For homeschooling resources on the Internet, please check out the Homeschooling-related sites section on the Links page.

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