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What is CCU-List ?

"CCU" stands for Christ Centered Unschooling. Unschooling is similar to home schooling but goes a step further than just opting out of the public school system. Unschoolers believe that all people are born with an insatiable desire to learn and, like breathing, it is unavoidable. Because of this it is assumed that each child will learn everything they need for a happy and productive life without the restrictions of schedules, curriculum or other contrivances.

Unschoolers usually believe that the artificial methods of most schools can (and likely will) hinder or even damage the child's zest for learning. Many families all over the world have raised children with unschooling and seen their children thrive. John Holt, author and educator, coined the term unschooling in the course of his study and observation of children and how they learn. He stressed respect for the child and their need for freedom in all things, especially learning.

There are many books and articles available on the subject by John Holt, John Taylor Gatto, Sandra Dodd, Joyce Fetteroll and more. As an mom, new to unschooling, these are some of the voices which helped me understand the ideas and let go of old ideas and selfishness so I could put my children first. For a more detailed list of authors, web sites and books please visit our "Resources" page.

When my oldest child was 4 I joined an email list for home schoolers, knowing I would choose this path from the time she was a baby. It was a good list but as I discovered unschooling I began to see how different many of our choices in parenting would be. Knowing that there were other christians like me I started this list. My oldest is now a married woman and the poster child for an unschooling success. My son, much more of a challenge, has proven that it was still the most effective way to parent him. Two vastly different temperaments and both better for unschooling.

CCU is a forum for friendly exchange of information on unschooling and parenting. While discussion of differing views will be tolerated it must remain courteous and refrain from negative personal comments. All participants are expected to help maintain a welcoming atmosphere for all. While this list is inclusive of all, the majority of members are christian and a respect for all religious sensibilities is required.

~Kris Speed, owner and moderator CCU-List~

Doctrinal debates are, in my experience, always divisive and never fruitful.  For this reason I think it would be wise to avoid them in the future.  A friendly discussion of differences is fine but debate is out.  After all, it states in the list description that debate is not appropriate.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate putting limits on the folks here, it really goes against my "unschooling" mentality.


Why The Porch Swing ?
By Lynda Braun

Okay, so we're a little relaxed here at CCU-List.  All right, very relaxed.  So relaxed in fact that sometimes people think they've subbed to the wrong list!  Like several months ago, when a new subscriber had this question:

"I don't understand this CCU-List.  I thought it was about relaxed homeschooling, and I feel like I am reading someone's email.  Is there another list with CCU?"
Of course we were all happy to reassure her!  But I, being in an exceptionally inspired mood that day, responded with the following:
You know, that's exactly what I thought when I first subscribed to this list.  I came here looking to find out more about Christian unschooling, and the big topic of the day was: "Porch Swings".

"Porch swings?" I asked my dh. "What's that got to do with homeschooling?"

"They're unschoolers, Lynda," my husband replied. "Porch swings ARE homeschooling to them."


Well, I can't say how much validity there is to that; but to me, "porch swing" describes CCU-List perfectly.

Rather than thinking of this list as someone's email, picture instead a beautiful autumn afternoon, with the sunlight shifting through brilliantly colored leaves, children laughing as they roll down grassy slopes, the tempting aroma of mock pecan pie mingled with the less tempting but more pungent odor of horse manure... and our little unschooling cyber-support group, kicking back together on the front porch, drinking lemonade and consuming huge portions of java and the now-famous "CCU Pink Stuff"... talking about this, that, everything, and nothing at all.

Okay, enough waxing eloquent.  I admit it: we don't always stay on topic here.  (And I still have yet to figure out what "on topic" is for unschoolers. <g>)  But if you ask me (which you did), I think CCU-List is what it should be.  I can't imagine finding a nicer group of people in any email loop, and I personally appreciate so much about them and their unique perspective on things. 

And now that I think about it, I take back what I said about being on topic.  We ARE on topic.  This list is the people who post here; any list is.  So what could be more on topic for a "Relaxed Homeschooling" group, than a group of relaxed homeschoolers?

So welcome to our "porch swing".  I hope you come to enjoy CCU-List as much as I do.  Please feel free to ask any question or bring up any topic that happens to be on your mind, and we'll be happy to chat about it.  And you never know, maybe every once in a while we'll even get around to talking about unschooling. <BG>

~Lynda in NY~

Wait a sec... 
Are you saying that unschoolers are naturally off topic??

Well yeah, I suppose.  But hey, you don't have to take it from me.  I'm just a lowly web designer.  Here's what Kris had to say when the "off topic" topic came up a while back:

A few people have expressed concern about the list being off topic and a departure from the ideals of unschooling.

The list is for Christian unschoolers and for those who are interested in learning more about the philosophy of unschooling.  Many of those on the list would probably be called eclectic home schoolers.  Any way you put it...there are no restrictions or expectations put on how "unschool" members of the list are.

Going off topic is, in my opinion, typical to unschoolers.  We are following the needs of the list, as a whole.  Sometimes the need of the list is to go off topic, even be silly.  I am quite content, even proud, of the spirit of this list and how each of its members can find support.  I have found that ANY problem is usually handled by the list itself and my intervention is not needed.  I consider the list to be God's list and the longer He allows me to "run" it for Him the more convinced I am that He has everything under control.

If a question about unschooling/home schooling comes up on the list, I'm confident that it will get the response it deserves from those on the list.  More importantly, it will get a kind and loving response....THAT is the best thing about this list.

~Kris S., owner and moderator CCU-List~

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