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If you're interested in submitting a photo, there's three ways to go about it:
  1. You can email a photo in jpeg (jpg) format to me colleen@tumon.com.  (Actually any graphic format will work; jpegs just take up the least amount of space and download faster.  So if you send me a bitmap or gif, I'll convert it to jpeg in Paint Pro Shop.)  Please send the photo as an attachment, not html.  And if you're able to resize it to a width of 500 pixels or less, I'd really appreciate it.  Otherwise, I'll have to resize it and sometimes the quality is diminished by that.

  2. You can post the photo to your own home page and send me the URL.  I'll link it to the Photo Gallery main page. 

  3. If you have a photo but no scanner, you can snail mail a photo for me to scan in for you.  Please write me privately for my address.  As long as a return address is included, I will return your photo to you.  I'd also like a brief blurb about you to put on the page, so visitors have some idea of who they're looking at.

  4. BTW, I try to keep the photo page current, so if you have a photo up and decide to permanently unsub for some reason, I'd appreciate if you dropped me a line and told me.  I generally keep the photos on my hard drive, so if you changed your mind and came back at a later date and wanted it back up, it'd be no problem. :)

    That's all there is to it.

    Colleen in Guam

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