Les & Colleen Smith & Kids
Greetings from Guam!



We are having fun here.
We have our own driving school business - teaching Guam's drivers to be
BETTER DRIVERS. We live in the quiet village of Anigua, right on the beach. Colleen is also an independent educational consultant for Story Time Felts, Discovery Toys, Stampin Up, and Jordan Essentials
    The kids are always growing. Kevin is 23, recently joined the US Air Force and is currenty stationed at Travis Air Force Base in California. Adam (age 19) is an aspiring musician with 2 self-produced CDs under his belt and helps us with our Driving school business. Stephanie is 13 and is an aspiring writer and artist. She has several stories on the go and many pictures at her Devian Art website. Eric (nickname E-Rex) is now 8 is also an aspiring writer/artist - though his genre is comics. You can see his latest creation at Whiskers Adventures. Cassandra Joy is 5 and enjoys everything. Especially if her big brother is involved!

We invite you to look at our Photo Album and keep in touch with e-mail.

Thanks for visiting!
Les & Colleen
Kevin, Adam, Stephanie, Eric and Cassandra.


(671) 734-3748
P.O. Box 217945
GMF, Guam, 96921