Jenny vdM's Family, Highfield Homeschool, NZ
Jenny's Family, NZ

(l to r adults then children): Phil, my dear husband; me; Mum (Kathy- my Mum twice, see my adoption post! Pastors wife, neat lady, one of my best friends); and Dad (Jack- my adoptive father, and Dad! Pastor, just taken a wedding for friends' daughter); Joel (nearly seven here- loves inventing things, just nail down all your spare string, sellotape, wire, scissors, cardboard etc before he visits, collects stones and sticks- for making things of course!); and Anita (nine and a half- loves reading, jazz ballet, reading, friends, reading, eating fruit not "spicy" things, reading, babies, reading, animals... oh, did I mention reading? And can't remember when she "hated" learning to read, as she "doesn't like" maths now :-)

A New Zealand Sunset

(l to r): Anita now 9 1/2, Joel just turned 7, me not telling except thirtysomething, and Blue now 1 1/4. Blue is half Dalmatian, half Border Collie, and absolutely delightful.

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