LeAnne's Family Photos
"The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!"  Psalm 126:3

The Berrios Family (L to R): LeAnn, Rick, Melissa (16)
Melissa, LeAnne, Nate (22)
Nate, Graduation day from Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL. 2003 Nate the great - 22 yrs. old
This is Melissa (16) and Rick (my hubby) at Navy Pier in Chicago. Melissa (16) and LeAnn in Chicago at Navy Pier (7/03)

(above)Rick And LeAnne, New Year's 2003

(left) LeAnne - Doing what she loves best - painting Murals!

We live in Zion, IL.  Nate feels the Lord is calling him to become a pastor.  In addition to his current studies, he works as an intern with the youth ministry at our church (which includes teaching his sister...which she absolutely loves).  We tend to follow a very relaxed schedule, but thankfully, Melissa's hunger for learning keeps her quite motivated and we find ourselves urging her to slow down and just enjoy being 12! 

Rick is a chemical dispensing technician at Abbott Laboratories and enjoys nearly all sports, as well as classic cars.  His "toy" is a fully restored 1970 Chevelle SS. 

Although LeAnn was brought home full-time under total disability several years ago (due to an incurable neuromuscular disease), she enjoys occasional work as a freelance artist (mostly watercolors).  Her artwork is her way of praying when her body is to weak to speak.  Our family has come to see the circumstances surrounding LeAnn's illnesses (which includes a new diagnosis of a possibly fatal bone marrow disorder) as a gift from the Lord because it has allowed us to enjoy each day and not take a single moment for granted.  We also are grateful to the Lord to see our two (nearly grown) children demonstrate an unusual tenderness and compassion for those who suffer physically. 


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