Welcome to the unofficial home of CCU-List on the Internet.  Here you can learn what CCU-List is, and why we affectionately refer to ourselves as, "The Porch Swing". 

Clip art from Dark TreasuresCome on and sit on down, grab your glass of ice tea, the Pink Stuff, java, or whatever you like and join us for a typical "unschoolers" website - full of all kinds of unpredictable thoughts, ideas, and off-topic discussions. You can view photos of a few of our braver participants, and revisit some of the topics we've previously discussed. Join us if you will.

This site was originally created by Lynda in NY (Great job Lynda!).  She has decided to hang up her "hat" as webmaster and pass the baton on to ... me, Colleen from Guam.  So thank you for visiting "our" page.  If you enjoy your stay, please let me know.  And if there's anything I can change or add to make viewing or navigating this site easier for you, please let me know that too! 

~Colleen in Guam~

I see you! Peekaboo! 
I see you CCU-List lurkers!
"Education is knowing where to go to find out what you need to know; and it's knowing how to use the information you get."

- William Feather, Author and Publisher

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Last update: March 2005

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