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Welcome to Driver Education Class. Earning a driver's license and the privilege of driving is a great step toward the freedom--and responsibility--of adulthood. It is exciting for us to be part of this time in the lives of our students.

Sorry my web site is not fun and exciting. I have to focus on the content; you know, the lessons. But that's OK, 'cause a little bit of self-discipline and motivation is required to do this. (But it will save lots of gas and time.)

I still have a lot more work to do on this site, but later I will make it more appealing and entertaining. I promise.

Thanks for coming to Better Drivers. It is hard to preface a driver education course. There are so many things to say and every one of them is the most important. So I  have a couple of introductory blurbs. You should read them all so you know what this whole thing is about.

Please read A Message from the Instructors .


Course Syllabus

Our course is approved by Guam DMV.

The Territory of Guam Driver's Handbook is available for download here .

There are seven parts to our classroom portion of the driver education course as approved by Department of Motor Vehicles. The chapters are as follows:

  1. Passing the Written and Driving Tests
  2. Attitude, Perceptions and Traffic Safety
  3. Managing Space and Time and Collision Avoidance
  4. How to Drive, Rules of the Road and Traffic Laws
  5. Traffic Signs and Lanes and Lines (Road Use)
  6. Drugs and Alcohol and Their Affects on Drivers
  7. Adverse Conditions (Rain, Storms, Night Driving, Construction, and Others)


To Course Assignments

If you want a complete course,

* Read all the articles on both sites; the online course site and the site.

* Read the "Survey of the Handbook".

* Do all the sample questions and read the discussions.

* Watch all the videos.

* Do the assignments.

* Come into one of our offices to make payment and take the final exam and recieve your certificate.


PROCEDURE for the On-line Course:

1. Preview course material to be sure you want to do it. Be sure parents or legal guardians approve . 

2. Contact driving school by email. Let us know you are taking the online course. Include name ,DOB and telephone number.

3. Study. Email instructors with any questions you have.

4. Come to office to take the final exam, make payment and pick up certificate.

When you register and pay,  you have access to unlimited classroom instruction in our physical location at E. Agana as well as the Internet material.


When you begin the online course, please email the instructors, to introduce yourself and communicate your intent to take the course.  Include your real name and date of birth.  Then, we have a record of you and when you ask for the test, we know who you are. Oh--and when you email, be sure to ask any questions you may have. If you come into our office and say "I'm here to take the final exam" and we have no record that you were taking the online course we will not allow you to take the test at that time.


You can go as fast as you want and finish in one day, or you can be more thorough and get more out of it. It's up to you.

You will eventually need to come to one of our offices to complete the course by taking the final exam, making your payment and pick up your certificate. We tried to offer the final exam via email but found it wasn't as succesful as we had hoped, so for now you must come into our office in E. Agana to complete the course.

When you email the driving school, please be sure to include your name and date of birth so we can keep track of our correspondence. It is all part of your student record. Thank you in advance for doing that.

Of course, you have to do the driving lesson with a real, live instructor. Here are the steps to obtaining a license .

BENEFITS of On-line Course Delivery


The Territory of Guam Driver Handbook is included in the class fee. For classroom attendees, the book is provided in booklet form. For those who study on-line, the Territory of Guam Driver's Handbook is available in PDF format for free download here.  It is about 8 MB. (It was 32 MB when we scanned it, so we typed the whole thing to make a smaller file size for you.) Customers who take the course online can stop by our office and get a free handbook if they have paid the class fee.

You can read the PDF Handbook online or you can print it, but it's about 40 pages (too fat to staple) and lots of ink, so if you really want to read an actual hold-in-your-hands book, just come in to our office and register, pay the $60, and get a free handbook.

The Survey of the Handbook is an important part of the course. It includes a series of lectures based on the text of the Handbook. The book text is highlighted in color-coded markings. Blue words link to more detailed discussion. Green text is for phrases you need to memorize for the test. Purple text indicates instructors' commentary.

Each Unit starts with a few main points, then the essays/lectures, then the multiple-choice questions. There are also extra multiple-choice practice questions and optional assignments and tutorials. 

The on-line course delivery option will provide the required 32 hours of instruction for the classroom portion of the driver education requirements.

Better Drivers Driving Education is approved by Guam DMV. So of course our certificates are honored by DMV.

Let's get started! (There are more articles, videos and audio files coming soon! We are working hard to present this to you.)

Course Assignments
Read "Steps to obtaining..." Read Survey of Handbook Read Unit 3 Read Unit 4
Read "Our Philosophy" Read "Strategy for Multiple ..."

Do observation excercises

described in Unit 3

Read "How to Save Gas "
Read Driver's Handbook Unit 2 Important. Numbers Read "How to Change Lanes "
Read "Why Driver Education" Do "30 questions"
Read "Driving on Guam"
Read "The Case for Graduated..."
Read "A Message  ..."
Read and do Unit 1


Course Assignments
UNIT 5 UNIT 6 UNIT 7 Extras and Test Prep
Unit 5 Unit 6 Unit 7 Re-read Strategy for Written Test
Road Sign Presentation Ready for the Driving Test
link- More on Road Signs NOTE: More soon! How to Drive (videos)
NOTE: More coming soon! External Links: Very useful!
70 Defensive Driving Rules. From RTA





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